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Welcome! Here’s what to expect from Paradigm Graphics

We offer impeccable value and guarantee to help your bottom line. Paradigm Graphics celebrates 11 years of success serving its clients. Most importantly, we love what we do.

The word Paradigm comes from Greek Latin word Paradigm, which means a pattern or standard. We are trendsetters! That was the motive behind the name. You might say how? Here are just couple of examples:

  1. Year after year Burlington elementary school used to print yearbooks in black and white, when they approached us with the project, Paradigm Graphics offered to print the books in color for the same price, the committee was delighted, kids and parents loved it.
  2. Hope House in Maine – had a challenging project with limited budget – 36pages children’s book, they approached Paradigm Graphics, we reviewed the design and found many design issues and fixed the problems, changed the font/color, so it read better, and printed the books. Both Bruce and Jan of Hope House were amazed with the quality of the book. Most importantly, they could not believe the price we charged them.

Here are the price comparison chart, the savings are HUGE!  Please call or email us to find out how we can help your organization.

Type of Project Competitor’s price Paradigm’s Price % Savings
100 = 8.5×11” color flyers $44.99 $25 45%
500 = 8.5×11” color flyers $168.74 $105 38%
100 = 8.5×11” tri-fold color flyers $75 $46 39%
250 = 8.5×11” tri-fold color flyers $150 $80 47%
250 – 8.5×5.5” color Postcards $69.99 $41 42%
500 – 8.5×5.5” color Postcards $110 $69 37%
Letterheads – 250 copies $134.99 $75 44%

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